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Whisky Butler April 2016 Box – including very special Glenfiddich

New month rolls round and a new Whisky Butler box is set to go out.

This one represents a real opportunity because 2 of the whiskies sampled here are from single casks. Glenfiddich does not do the single cask often. It’s fair to say their money’s on the core range releases, of which they produce mind boggling amounts. So a Glenfiddich single cask is rare to get, and also the market being what it is, really very pricey. So in other words, you won’t be seeing these in sample forms anytime soon.

(Photos from Masters of Malt stock images)


Glenfiddich 18yo 40% 



Nose Nose: Probably the definition of a light and pleasing nose that everyone can drink. Sugary sponge cake with an kirsch soaked maraschino cherry and some port and blackberry sauce. Feathery light. Some malt and cream too. Classic apple peels. Easy drinking if not the most complex.

Taste Palate: Light body and fresh and fairly sweet with a bunch of fruity esters. Not as ‘oloroso’ as the nose suggests at all. The alcohol and citrus zest hit is fairly obvious. Quickly turning into a more sour herby finish.

Finish Finish: Medium, dry wood, light malt and estery.


Glenfiddich 21 yo Gran Reserva 40%


Perfect place to start for Rum-i-fied Glenfiddich.

Nose Nose: Much fuller and sweeter. With hints of molasses and licorice on top of peanut brittle and some honey. Still light and aromatic despite these rummy sweet notes, which incidentally seemed ot have pushed the fruity esters to the rear. Actually in all fairness it is very pleasing to drink blindly in front of the tv –  if you don’t wonder about the Glenfidddich DNA, or if you’re not obsessive like me. But I do like this.

Taste Palate: Fuller and fatter but can’t get away from the lightness of the spirit. Dare I say the rum improved this, the aromatics of toffee and brown sugar without the sweetness. Dry desert spices, plus what must be some dark fruit and then vanilla and oak. Never really big but light and pleasing. Really drinkable.

Finish Finish: Medium, some malt, fruity esters.


Glenfiddich 1991 23yo single cask.

I don’t have picture for these 2 gems though as they are ‘specials’.

I am led to believe this is a refill hogshead, though of what kind I am not sure.

Nose Nose: Fresh, simple and pleasing. Lightly malty, fresh red apple peelings, the usual white wood and vanilla but also fresh cut butter. Green apple juice fortified with vodka, with some mint leaves thrown in and crayons bring up the rear. Really quite good actually, I’m beginning to think Glenfiddich simply has to be had at cask strength! Hmm. Also some stewed red fruit.

Taste Palate: Wow. Unused to having a fiery Glenfiddich. Lots and lots of high toned fruit esters, citrus zests too. Fair (ok big) bit of alcoholic kick though, but with a nice weight that almost seems oily, also something salted about this one. Salted caramel? Drying and piquant.

Finish Finish: Fairly long, fruit esters again and alcohol, bit of malt. Quite a natural one, I enjoyed this immensely.


Glenfiddich 1992 22yo single cask

This one spent some if not all it’s time in a rum cask, can I tell which?

Nose Nose: The rum cask influence becomes very obvious immediately after the 1991. Something pungently fibrous, vegetal and sweet. Brown sugar, smoking toffee, gula melaka? Little brown sugar and coconut candies we used to have as kids? That lessens a bit and we get this freshness and uplifting appley baked pear whipped cream malt cakes. I made that up, can you make cake from malt? The way the rum sort of stands apart from the Glenfiddich suggests finished though certainly not a short term finish. A wild guess.

Taste Palate: The rum having its say again though it is far less ‘big’ on the tongue. It’s definitely a sweet thing, and a few shades darker with a distinct vegetal tannicity. Brown sugar again. Otherwise it’s pretty much the 1991 with these high toned fruit esters and sharp alcohol kick-slash-citrusy zests. Hard to tell which in this kind of a light spirit. More drying though.

Finish Finish: Long, and ‘rummy’.. really.

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So much whisky, so little time | Singapore | Tasting Notes


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So much whisky, so little time | Singapore | Tasting Notes

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