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Bunnahabhain 27 yo 1989 3Rivers/The Whisky Agency vs Bunnahabhain 33 yo 1979 Duncan Taylor Oceans for Japan #5241

Two Bunnahabhains done for the Japanese market. Granted the Japanese are known to have exquisite taste, it’s not surprising these mature Bunnahabhain are of excellent quality. Bunnahabhain 27 yo 1989 … Continue reading

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PSA mode: The ExciseMan Whisky Bar & Whisky.Auction charity auction: amazing 1 of 1 bottles

It’s a public service announcement here at Whiskyrific, 2 great announcements: The ExciseMan Whisky Bar, located at the Esplanade Mall #02-27. Lewis and Patricia, proprietors of Le Vigne, a long … Continue reading

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Caol Ila ‘Handwritten Label’ 1969 / 1985 59.9% for Meregalli vs Caol Ila 15 yo ‘Celtic Label’  1969 / 1984 Gordon & Macphail 60.4%  for Intertrade

Not the Caol Ila we know today, this Caol Ila is the older one demolished to be rebuilt as the one we know. Caol Ila ‘Handwritten Label’ 1969 / 1985 … Continue reading

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Abhainn Dearg 46% vs Aultmore 15 yo 1997 Master of Malt 55.8%

Abhainn Dearg 46% This is a brand new distillery on the Isle of Lewis, founded in 2008, and it is the first distillery in the Outer Hebrides in almost 200 … Continue reading

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Deanston Malt 70 proof vs Deanston 35 yo 1967 / 2002 #1051+1052

Not an old distillery, Deanston was converted from a cotton mill to distillery in 1966, so it is really quite interesting to try a 1967 whisky from the year after … Continue reading

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A first for Singapore – Joint bottling by The Writing Club, Quaich Bar, The Swan Song, New Ubin Seafood

  If you are browsing these pages and are familiar with the local Whisky scene, you would know Khoon Hui, whisky godfather and proprietor of Quaich Bar, the very first … Continue reading

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J&G Grant ‘From the Glenlivet District’ 8 yo vs Glenfarclas-Glenlivet 12 yo Pinerolo vs Glenfarclas 15 yo Averna

A few changes here at Whiskyrific. In a bid to streamline and simplify, tasting notes will be condensed to single paragraphs where the focus will be on the overall experience … Continue reading

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Clynelish 20 yo 1997 / 2017 Spirit Shop Selection #6927 vs Clynelish 21 yo 1995 / 2017 Elixir Distillers for Scotch Malt Sales

We need more Clynelish, and other whiskies of natural character that shine so well in less obtrusive wood. This distillery is a a personal favourite for more reasons than just … Continue reading

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Longmorn 35 yo 1976 Thosop vs Longmorn 46 yo 1964 /2010 Book of Kells #1539 Gordon & MacPhail

Longmorn is undoubtedly one of the stars of Speyside. Unfortunately this star was never allowed to shine too brightly, as it is remains a heart malt of the Chivas range. … Continue reading

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Ardbeg 27 yo 1973 Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask 282 bttls vs Ardbeg SMWS 33.12 1974 / 1991

The 1970s were phenomenal for Ardbeg. The quality of the whisky from those wondrous years simple cannot be overstated. And unlike neighbours up the road, Ardbeg’s 70s distillate is still … Continue reading

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Highland Park 8 yo Ferraretto Import vs Highland Park 1976 First Cask #2013

Modern Highland Park can be very good at a fairly young age, as the recent batch of un-named Orkneys suggest. Assuming they are in fact Highland Park. Though they are … Continue reading

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Glenugie 30 yo 1980 / 2011 Deoch an Doras vs Glenugie 32 yo 1977 / 2010 Deoch an Doras

This one comes with a special shoutout and thanks to a keen-eyed Glenugie aficionado. Again there’s not much left to Glenugie, and while it existed it produced some decent and … Continue reading

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Laphroaig Cairdeas Fino 2018 vs Laphroaig 200th Anniversary Cairdeas 2015

Laphroaig’s Cairdeas bottles are an annual release made only to the Friends of Laphroaig – easy enough to sign up, and though they do come in significant batch sizes, they … Continue reading

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Port Ellen 22 yo 1983 Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask ‘Whisky Festival Noord Netherlands’ vs Port Charlotte 2002 / 2010 Malts of Scotland #1172

Because both are ‘Ports’ and both are Islay bred.. Port Ellen 22 yo 1983 Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask ‘Whisky Festival Noord Netherlands’ 54.3%  Nose: It’s a clean style of … Continue reading

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Littlemill 21 yo 1991 Hunter Laing Old Malt Cask #9822 vs Littlemill 22 yo 1992 Hunter Laing Old & Rare #10882

This is one closed distillery whose quality is such that we are truly left bemoaning its closing. Those who were around some 5 years ago might remember the batches of … Continue reading

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Longrow 8 yo 1987 / 1995 Signatory #136-138 vs Longrow 1987 / 2005 Samaroli #113

One might say 1987 was a good year for Longrow, and one might be accused of stating the obvious. Longrow 8 yo 1987 / 1995 Signatory #136-138 43%  Nose: How … Continue reading

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Talisker 12 yo Distillers Agency vs Talisker 10 yo ‘Map label’

‘Made By the Sea’ is right, but not the only distillery on Skye anymore now that Torabhaig is up and running, and since the newcomer has thrown down the gauntlet … Continue reading

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Bladnoch 20 yo vs Bladnoch 23 yo 1966 Signatory #2674-76

After a very busy 2 weeks, I find myself with some catching up to do. I am frequently asked for an alternative to Rosebank, and in the camp of light … Continue reading

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Springbank 5 yo ‘brown glass bottle’ vs Springbank 21 yo ‘pear shape’

Springbank is clearly one of the unquestionable greats, with the added benefit of having a history of fantastic old bottles from their core range of over half a century now. … Continue reading

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Glenburgie 1948 & 1961 / 1981 ‘A special vatting to commemorate the wedding of H.R.H The Prince of Wales to Lady Diana Spencer on 29th July 1981’ vs Glenburgie Batch 1 That Boutique-y Whisky Company

Comparing a very old and a rather new Glenburgie, certainly the only Glenburgie I have anyway. Thanks to friends! Glenburgie 1948 & 1961 / 1981 ‘A special vatting to commemorate … Continue reading

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Inchmurrin 2001 / 2017 #4157 for The Whisky Exchange vs Inchmurrin 42 yo 1974 / 2016 Cadenhead 44.3%

Inchmurrin, named for the eponymous Island within Loch Lomond, is just one of the distillery’s Single Malt variants. That Swiss Army Knife of a distillery is able to produce so many … Continue reading

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Glen Garioch 23 yo 1990 Nectar of the Daily Drams vs Glen Garioch 24 yo 1990 Signatory #2761

I like Glen Garioch a lot. It’s got an interesting history, and great bottles both old and new. These 90s bottles in particular display a very mineral and cutting style … Continue reading

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Irish Single Malt 27 yo 1990 / 2017 The Whisky Agency vs Irish Single Malt Cooley 25 yo 1992 / 2017 Cadenhead 175th Anniversary

What’s become of the wave of Irish Single Malt of the last few years? Give thanks and be glad, these were beautifully fruity whiskies like nothing Scotland has produced of … Continue reading

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Glen Keith 40 yo 1970 Murray McDavid Aficionado Bottle 1 of 1 vs Glen Elgin 40 yo 1975 Maltbarn

Because who has that many samples of old Glen Keith or Glen Elgin lying around – Glen Keith 40 yo 1970 Murray McDavid Aficionado Bottle 1 of 1 49.2% A … Continue reading

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Caol Ila CL4 Speciality Drinks vs Caol Ila Distillery Only 2007

A funny thing I notice about Caol Ila is that great and consistent though it generally is, it wouldn’t pop up as a first thought in the minds of people … Continue reading

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Jura 22 yo 1992 / 2014 Douglas Laing Old Particular #10362 vs Jura 25 1991 Douglas Laing XOP #11067

Jura is one of those island whiskies that still comes with a lot of character, and much like Springbank, some people need to warm up to it. But those who … Continue reading

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Rosebank 20 yo 1967 / 1988 Cadenhead dumpy vs Rosebank 28 yo 1965 / 1993 Signatory #2498

The wonders of old Rosebank, very different from 90s Rosebanks that can still be easily found, more or less… These old bottles hide a secret or two: Rosebank 20 yo … Continue reading

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Ledaig 7 yo 2005 Douglas Laing Provenance #9654 vs Ledaig 8 yo 2001 / 2010 Nectar of the Daily Drams

Quite sure I am not the only one who thinks Tobermory should just make Ledaig full time. Some of the stuff Tobermory has been putting out this side of 2000 … Continue reading

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Auchentoshan 25 yo 1992 / 2017 Signatory Vintage #538 vs Auchentoshan 30 yo 1984 / 2015 Douglas Laing Old Particular #10702

I have tried a number of younger (<20 yo) modern Auchentoshans and have not been impressed by any. The over 20s seem better, but perhaps it’s just a matter of … Continue reading

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Ben Nevis 34 yo 1966 / 2000 #3663 vs Ben Nevis 10 yo 2002 / 2013 #334 White Port Pipe matured

Ben Nevis often suffers the ignominy of being an ‘alternative’ Malt rather than a first go-to choice, but those who know recognize its potential for a full and big boned … Continue reading

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Tamnavulin 20yo 1991 / 2011 Gordon & Macphail Connoisseurs Choice vs Tamnavulin-Glenlivet 1967 / 1986 “The Old Mill” #1456-1459

Tamnavulin is one of the newer distilleries built in the 60s with the idea of being a major blend component and therefore it’s 6 large stills were intended for a … Continue reading

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Ord Over 16, 1998/2014, Selected by Simon & Phil vs Ord 40 yo 1965 / 2005 ‘Bouquet’ Samaroli

Glen Ord … somewhat ignored by it’s owners, somewhat looked over by enthusiasts, which is all a shame because it’s one of those distilleries that has a stellar (but spotty?) … Continue reading

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Thompson Brothers: Glenlivet Solera drawn 1994, Springbank solera 1950-1978 drawn 1996, Glen Mhor 1937/1959

The Thompson brothers, Phil and Simon, proprietors of the Dornoch Castle Hotel Bar and new distillers operating the Dornoch Distillery, have in their various travels and searching, acquired three examples … Continue reading

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Berlin 2018: Dalmore 35 yo 1965 Big Market, Glen Mhor 34 yo 1966 OMC, Fettercairn 30 yo 1972 #2895, Fettercairn 29 yo 1973 #1966, Glencadam 38yo 1974 The Admiral’s Cask, Port Ellen 26yo 1983 Thosop, Glen Ord 1975 Prenzlow, Brora 37 yo 2015  Special Release, Glen Grant 33 yo 1965 Big Market, Tamdhu 9 yo 1984 Big Market, Macallan 12 yo 1990 Big Market, Inverleven 21yo 1966 Cadenhead, Glentauchers 20yo 1965 Cadenhead, Port Ellen 24 yo 1978 2nd Release

So it was Limburg weekend just a fortnight ago. Those who follow the various Whisky groups on social media would know it was a wonderfully frenetic weekend of excess that … Continue reading

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V.S.O Scotch Whisky (Glen Mhor) 1917 95 proof vs Glen Mhor 30 yo 1966 For the 30th Anniversary of Bar Metro

In what may turn out to be an ill-advised session, and because these are the only two Glen Mhor I have on hand. Glen Mhor is of course closed and … Continue reading

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Ardbeg Twenty Something 23 yo 46.3% vs Ardbeg 14 yo 1994/2008 Cadenhead 58.3%

Brand new ‘groovy’ Ardbeg is out and I’m playing catch up with Twenty Something, which is really actually 23 years old… Ardbeg Twenty Something 23 yo 46.3% Pre notes conclusion: … Continue reading

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Mezcal Siete Misterios Mezcal Espadin 48% vs Siete Misterios Mezcal Doba-Yej 2013 45.5%

Siete Misterios Mezcal Espadin 48% Espadin is a Agave varietal that is commonly used for Mezcal, most bottlers or distillers would have an Espadin offering in their line up.  Nose: … Continue reading

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Bunnahabhain 35 yo 1974/2009 A.D Rattray #7111 vs Bunnahabhain 39 yo 1976/2016 Cadenhead Small Batch

Some coincidence but a number of friends have opened some 70s Bunnahabhain recently, which is a happy thing to have as early 70s Bunnahabhain are usually excellent, and for some … Continue reading

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Brora 40 yo 1972 59.1% for 13th March, a very special day

Wow would you look at the date. It’s been a busy and eventful couple of weeks, but today’s tasting is to mark a very special occasion. My family becomes four. … Continue reading

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Balmenach 26 yo 1988 Signatory for The Whisky Exchange #3242 vs Balmenach 1979 / 2009 Berry Brothers #155 + 156

Balmenach is another distillery one does not hear much about, other than the very occasional independent bottling. There is no core range, no vintage focus, no great history, though it … Continue reading

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Highland Park 27 yo 1974 / 2001 Silver Seal First Bottling vs Highland Park 18 yo 1976 / 1994 Cadenhead #4648

A funny thing I have found with Highland Park is that the official bottlings are blended with a specific house style in mind – which is normal – but the … Continue reading

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Macallan 1977/1992 Samaroli ‘Matured in sherry wood’ vs Macallan 25 yo 1976/2001 Silver Seal First Bottling

The traditional house style of Macallan is dominated by sherry cask maturation. It is to these beautiful whiskies beloved of Michael Jackson that I turn to after a very interesting … Continue reading

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Mezcal: Del Maguey Wild Papalome vs Del Maguey Wild Tepextate

Tequila and Mezcal are distilled from the crushed cooked and fermented Agave plant. But while Tequila must be made from the Blue Agave, Mezcal may be made from any variety. … Continue reading

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60s Longmorn: Longmorn 38 yo 1968/2006 SMWS 7.35 vs Longmorn-Glenlivet 1966/1985 Moon Import

60s Longmorn are brilliant, but sadly also usually second fiddle to the other stunning whiskies distilled in the 60s. Longmorn 38 yo 1968/2006 SMWS 7.35 49.8% (Photo: whiskyonlineauctions)  Nose: Massively … Continue reading

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Inter war Glen Grants: Glen Grant 35 yo ‘straight neck’ Gordon & Macphail vs Glen Grant 42 yo Gordon & Macphail

Glen Grant is one of very few distilleries for which a ‘liquid record’ can be traced to early in the 20th century, thanks to the old independent bottlers like Gordon … Continue reading

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Ledaig 9 yo 2004/2013 Old Malt Cask ref 10058 vs Ledaig 12 yo 2004/2017 The Whisky Lounge

Ledaig is an excellent heavily peated whisky that is bound to surprise those only familiar with Islay. We even have an accomplished Ledaig collector on our little tropical island, whose … Continue reading

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Laphroaig 31 yo 1974 for LMdW 49.7%

As the Earth makes a full round and now continues in its orbit around the Sun, glad tidings to all mankind this new 2018! Just going to have a single … Continue reading

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Brora 21 yo 1981/2003 Signatory #1422 vs Brora 24 yo 1972 Connoisseurs Choice 40%

Boxing Day Brora? Brora 21 yo 1981/2003 Signatory Un-Chillfiltered Collection #1422 46%  Nose: Note this is a completely different style from early 70s Brora, this one is unpeated and much … Continue reading

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Clynelish 28 yo 1965/1993 Signatory #666 50.7% vs Clynelish 23 yo 1965/1989 Cadenhead 51.7%

I’ve been itching to do 1965 Clynelish (ie old Clynelish, the one that was renamed Brora) head to head, unfortunately it is not easy to find these old ones. Ideally … Continue reading

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Bowmore 35 yo 1968 Celtic Heartlands vs Bowmore 30 yo Sea Dragon

Bowmore 35 yo 1968 Celtic Heartlands 40.6% This was a range personally selected by Jim McEwan of some stunning old 60s whiskies, bottled at the Bruichladdich plant. The Bowmore naturally … Continue reading

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So much whisky, so little time | Singapore | Tasting Notes


So much whisky, so little time | Singapore | Tasting Notes

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So much whisky, so little time | Singapore | Tasting Notes

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So much whisky, so little time | Singapore | Tasting Notes


So much whisky, so little time | Singapore | Tasting Notes


So much whisky, so little time | Singapore | Tasting Notes