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About Whiskyrific

A little bit about Whiskyrific

Whisky blog and personal tasting note repository rolled into one, Whiskyrific is my first serious foray into publishing Whisky related thoughts, or any thoughts for that matter. And I mean as long as the theme is whisky I might put it up, it might even be recipes, or places, or just photos with the remotest link to Whisky. I will of course try to stick to tasting notes as the core of this blog, which was its original purpose anyway.

One thing about the name – Whiskyrific is as general a name can be for a subject matter that is so variable. It could have been WhiskEyrific. But suffice to say if it is a distilled spirit derived from a grain of any sort, and intended to be aged in oak of any sort, and is commonly understood as being a variant of Whisky/Whiskey, this blog is concerned with it.

A little bit about me

Singaporean male of indeterminate but middling age, whose pastimes might include this or that but certainly and obviously includes drinking Whisky/Whiskey. In fact I don’t just drink Whisky, I started off with port and wine while in the UK, and came back with a love of Scotch. I also appreciate sherries and madeira. Not too keen on beer though.

But why whisky? That’s a question I get all the time. The same question I daresay you my reader is also familiar with. I can’t say why for sure. I do not claim to have the best nose, so the minute nuances of a top flight Bordeaux for instance, are lost on me. Sure I know when I’m drinking plonk as opposed to a Rothschild from my uncle’s collection. But with whisky, I find there is so much more breadth, a nose like mine is unhampered by its bluntness. Which is to say I believe most people can differentiate the basic flavours present in whisky, sure they’ll have to learn to get used to the alcohol first, but the tar and earthiness of a southern Islay, the floral perfume of a lowlander, the call of the sea of an Islander, the richness of a sherried Speysider, the flintiness and austerity of an old Highlander, these wonderful flavours basic to Scotch tell an immediate story and are accessible and enjoyable from the get go. The range of scents and flavours is just so wide, I just find greater enjoyment in it than the subtleties of wine.

What else am I working on

I find myself in a predicament but happily, a solution for it is possible. You see, I like whisky, so I buy whisky, but I do not buy whole bottles with the purpose of finishing whole bottles in mind – I am after variety not quantity. But alas, Whisky is not generally sold in half bottle sizes, so I am forced to buy whole bottles. There being a number of whisky appreciators in Singapore, I conclude I cannot be the only one in such a quandary. Therein lies the solution: Sample swapping. I bought this bottle and you bought that bottle, neither of us have the other bottle and wish to try it, let’s just swap samples!

But how?? The easiest solution is for me to sell samples, but I would prefer to try new whisky, so people like me need a platform where we can browse and sample swap.

Work in progress.

Contact me?

Sure why not, leave a comment, drop me an email. I am not hiding my identity, if you are a member of the right groups on Facebook, and did your research, you would find me easily.

2 comments on “About Whiskyrific

  1. Allen Brody
    October 3, 2020

    I’m just not that bright and can’t figure out who you are. Are you in my Facebook group?

    • Whiskyrific
      October 5, 2020

      Sorry Allen, but I don’t see you on facebook, so i guess not. Nothing to do with being bright!

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So much whisky, so little time | Singapore | Tasting Notes


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