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Bruichladdich 25 yo 1958 Cadenhead, Macallan 15 yo 1946 Securo, Macallan 1962, Springbank 1965 Moon Import The Birds #367, Glenfiddich 29 yo 1956 Intertrade, Clynelish 1974 Modern Masters, Caol Ila 21 yo 1968 for Intertrade, Glen moray 25 yo 1959 Samaroli, Glen Grant 21 yo 1972 Whyte & Whyte, Talisker 1979 Whyte & Whyte

Sample night! So short notes only. Bruichladdich 25 yo 1958 / 1984 Cadenhead Peated yes, but not hugely so. The sort of phenols that’s been transmuted to a secondary level. … Continue reading

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Clynelish 30 yo 1970 / 2000 Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask 312 bottles 42% vs Clynelish 31 yo 1970 / 2001 Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask 186 bottles 48.4%

Clynelish 30 yo 1970 / 2000 Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask 312 bottles 42% Uncommon vintage and one of the earliest available from the new Clynelish post construction. Honey and … Continue reading

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Clynelish 21 yo 1995 Signatory #8672 55.5% vs Clynelish 22 yo 1995 Signatory #8673 56.3%

Clynelish 21 yo 1995 Signatory #8672 55.5% Immediate. Rubbed wax, grated grapefruit peel, limestone, wet clay, dewy branches. liquid paraffin. A tiny bit of wet ropes, and just a touch … Continue reading

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Clynelish 20 yo 1997 / 2017 Spirit Shop Selection #6927 vs Clynelish 21 yo 1995 / 2017 Elixir Distillers for Scotch Malt Sales

We need more Clynelish, and other whiskies of natural character that shine so well in less obtrusive wood. This distillery is a a personal favourite for more reasons than just … Continue reading

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Brora 21 yo 1981/2003 Signatory #1422 vs Brora 24 yo 1972 Connoisseurs Choice 40%

Boxing Day Brora? Brora 21 yo 1981/2003 Signatory Un-Chillfiltered Collection #1422 46%  Nose: Note this is a completely different style from early 70s Brora, this one is unpeated and much … Continue reading

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Clynelish 28 yo 1965/1993 Signatory #666 50.7% vs Clynelish 23 yo 1965/1989 Cadenhead 51.7%

I’ve been itching to do 1965 Clynelish (ie old Clynelish, the one that was renamed Brora) head to head, unfortunately it is not easy to find these old ones. Ideally … Continue reading

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Clynelish 30 yo 1972 Murray McDavid 46% vs Clynelish 37 yo 1972/2009 The Whisky Exchange ’80 proof’ ‘Ten Years Online’ 46%

A recent discussion: Whisky does not need to be at cask strength to be great. So true. I find it’s the quality of the distillation that matters. And the wood … Continue reading

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Clynelish 22 yo 1989/2011 The Whisky Agency ‘Moody Lions’ vs Clynelish 27 yo 1982/2010 The Perfect Dram

As far as whisky goes, I am convinced Clynelish, together with it’s silent alter ego, are clearly the jewels of the Northern Highlands. Will the new Dornoch distillery – whose … Continue reading

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Clynelish 12 yo Di Chiano vs Clynelish 17 1997 / 2015 Hunter Laing # HL11236

Lagavulin is my favourite distillery, but Clynelish is a hair’s breadth away. Unlike Lagavulin or some of the smaller Diageo distilleries which have a core range or else an output … Continue reading

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Clynelish 24 yo 1965/1989 Cadenhead yellow label vs Brora 24 yo 1977/2001 Rare Malts

Someone told me I don’t do enough modern whisky, someone else told me I don’t do enough old whisky. It’s hard to please people! But Clynelish and Brora are such … Continue reading

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Brora 3rd Edition 2004 vs Brora 22 yo 1972 Rare Malts vs Clynelish 12 yo Ainslie & Heilbron Edward & Edward

I don’t think an introduction is needed. This is Clynelish – until 1968 when it closed in favour of the new distillery, a modernized copy of the older, opened under … Continue reading

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Clynelish 17 yo 1995 Signatory #12796 vs Clynelish 18 yo 1996/2015 Whiskybroker #11448 vs Clynelish 17 yo 1997/2015 Lady of the Glen #12363

Some 90s Clynelish. The vintages you commonly see are 1995, 1996 and especially 1997, so in a vertical: Clynelish 17 yo 1995/2012 Signatory #12796 ‘Ibisco Decanter’ 43%  Nose: Classic! Starts with … Continue reading

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Whisky Butler May Box – Cadenhead set: Glen Garioch vs Clynelish vs Glen Grant vs Mortlach

This May box contains 4 Cadenhead Small Batch whiskies. This range is garnering something of a reputation as showing consistently excellent releases, and now writing this introduction having done the … Continue reading

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Clynelish: 1982/2011 28yo Silver Seal 30th Anniversary vs 18yo 1984/2003 Silver Seal

Something of a special weekend, good and bad in parts. And so in selecting what to taste, I find myself drawn back to the 80s. This Clynelish distillery is itself … Continue reading

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Clynelish 19yo 1995/2014 Liquid Library vs 17yo 1995/2013 Signatory The Whisky Exchange #12794

When I drove up to Highland Park (ferry ride in between), one of the must-stop gawking highlights along the way was Clynelish. And gawk I did. This site is holy … Continue reading

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Clynelish, 1995/2010 Samaroli ‘Glen Cawdor’ cask 1469, 45%

Samaroli is an Italian independent bottler, just like Cadenhead or Signatory in the UK. ‘Italian?’ You say, ‘What do Italians have to do with bottling Scotch whisky?’  In fact there … Continue reading

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Clynelish, Batch 2, That Boutique-y Whisky Company, 50.6%

‘That Boutique-y Whisky Company’ is really the name of the bottler, a cutting edge modern name too, for a relatively conservative industry. It is owned and run by Masters of … Continue reading

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Clynelish 14 yo

It would still be summer in Scotland. ‘At most a light sweater or jacket’, I nodded agreeably, after all recent weather forecasts suggested as much. What would be more natural … Continue reading

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Clynelish 15 yo, Adelphi 1997, cask 6521

A bit of the history behind Clynelish and Brora has been mentioned in the Brora 1981 LMDW post, so the tale does not bear retelling here. Nonetheless, Clynelish does fill … Continue reading

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Brora 1981 23 yo ‘Unfiltered’ by La Maison Du Whisky cask no. 05/593

THE original Clynelish, till 1968 when an expansion next-door was completed. This new distillery became the Clynelish we know today, and the old distillery became known as Brora. Interestingly the … Continue reading

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So much whisky, so little time | Singapore | Tasting Notes


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