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Bladnoch 22 yo 1991 #4603 Mackillop’s Choice vs Bladnoch 22 yo 1990/2013 #5762

An update since I last looked at Bladnoch. Bladnoch had been closed and silent since it’s parent company started liquidation proceedings. Naturally a distillery for sale at such a time as this is an opportunity that did attract much ‘international and domestic’ attention but ultimately an Australian named David Prior succeeded in buying over the distillery.

Thankfully, the new management is fully behind the promotion of Bladnoch’s whisky and we should see developments in this space.

The Wash Still leading to the Wash Condenser with Low Wine Still behind leading to Spirit Condenser at Bladnoch Whisky distillery near Wigtown in the Machars of Galloway Scotland, UK

Photo credit – Allan Devlin.

Boil balls and fairly straight lyne arms.

So it has been a Merry Christmas and it will be a Happy New Year whether or not 2016 co-operates. In fact it is my opinion 2016 has been a more than difficult year, hence all the greater joy in seeing it go. Why Bladnoch to see the end of 2016? In the midst of celebration  and the sinfully rich food that customarily accompanies such merriment, something rich and heavy just didn’t seem right, and Bladnoch the lowlander just seemed an apt choice for perhaps some austerity?

Bladnoch 22 yo 1991 #4603 Mackillop’s Choice 45.7% 


Nose Nose: Very fruity-fresh! Not in the juicy tropical sense though but in the tart, greenskinned and salivating sense – lots of green kiwis and green berries, lemon, unripe green apples, but also a dose of spinach – that’ll be the oxalic acid, a smaller dose of calcium and just about some buttered malt. Very nice, reminds you that whisky is healthy! So overall a clean, medium-light body and a refreshing style. What the doctor ordered.

Taste Palate:  Rather spicy peppery hot on the tongue, boiled ginger soup with white wine. Some sugary-ness and clean wood, then all calcium and other minerals come back. Did lose that green fruitiness though.

Finish Finish: Long, more obvious wood, barley sweets and a touch of earth.


Not disappointed, this cuts through all that Christmas fat.


Bladnoch 22 yo 1990/2013 #5762 49.5%


Not this bottle but very similar. Yes it was an official.

Nose Nose: Essentially similar but this one has a lot more of these clean ‘light’ phenolic-light notes you might find in malts like Kilkerran I think? So less green fruit, but more plasticine, and kaolin, printer ink, and petrichor. Fresh dug earth. Lots more ground up calcium and some white wood.

Taste Palate: Yes, all that. Rather good! Still some pepperiness and heat but lots and lots of these same earthy, inky, mineral-ed notes, at the same time showing lots of white sugar syrup. Some bourbony notes too, very faint though.

Finish Finish: Very much like the 1991 just more earth but also more alcohol.


Not the easiest style to gulp daily, but certainly educational, and for when you want something on the lean mean end of the spectrum. I like it enough.

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So much whisky, so little time | Singapore | Tasting Notes


So much whisky, so little time | Singapore | Tasting Notes

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So much whisky, so little time | Singapore | Tasting Notes

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So much whisky, so little time | Singapore | Tasting Notes

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