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Glenmorangie – 10yo (1970s) vs 1963 Official vs ‘Traditional’ 100 proof

Here’s a trio of very different Glenmorangie. The first is an old official 10 year old, Singapore import. From back when postal codes were single digits: Fitzpatrick’s Food Supplies, 300 Orchard Road, Singapore 9. Given the label and the bottle shape, this is likely an early 70s import. The second is the old official 1963 ‘Pure Highland Malt’ 43%. The last is the newer Glenmorangie ‘Traditional’ 100 proof, also a 10 year old, but you’ld need to read the box to discover that.

We don’t seem to hear much from Glenmorangie lately, nor Dalmorefor that matter, now that Japanese whisky has firmly taken over the hype train. Looks like they’ve been drowned out in the noise. While I don’t feel bad about that at all, what I do feel is a glowing hope they would get back and refocus on what really matters: Quality spirit driven expressions.

Glenmorangie 10yo circa 1970s likely 40%


Nose Nose: Imagine if you dug this out of Granpaw’s cupboard. Far from the 10 of today – granted Glenmorangie will be a light elegant spirit and I do sense some stewed pears, some grassiness and some ground sand. But noone of that raw spiritiness and obvious youth in today’s 10. Instead this one shows some dampness – a bit of mossy green wetness, some swimming pool water, and a bit of petrichor. Even a bit of kerosene.  This one has developed lots of glass notes which is frankly quite delicious in this whisky. Frankly I don’t think it is just age in glass that did this.

Taste Palate: Oh, very glassy, but otherwise still light and estery with some damp notes again. Mildly hot. Damp wood, damp black topsoil. Low strength beginning to hurt here.

Finish Finish: Somewhat short, touch of pears again.


Easy-easy drinkable, neither tasteless nor tiring. A fine 10 year old.


Glenmorangie 1963  23yo 43%


Nose Nose: This one has run off in the other direction. Still rather light but the sherry influence is pronounced. One pureed date blended with graphite oil. Yes. A packet of chinese medicine. Brasso and a cedarwood box. Sort of tells me long slow sherry butt aging. I would have said the wood and sherry have pushed out the Glenmorangie but then a lot of dry grass and other thin sour herbals appear. Again, its quite thin and not a fat whisky at all.

Taste Palate: Much thicker on the palate than the nose suggests. Its full on old sherry notes. Possibly sweeter, softer than other 50s and 60s sherry aged whiskies, hmm nescafe powder. Could be the distillate or could be the strength.

Finish Finish: Medium, turns dry rather quickly. Actually a tad short.


Great sherry, so much for the Glenmorangie. In two minds over this one. I suppose this is the reason why light spirits must have good casks. There’s no spirit for the flaws in the wood to hide behind.


Glenmorangie ‘Traditional’ 100 proof 10yo 


Nose Nose: Immediately presents the thickest oiliest nose, but that’s the alcohol talking. This one is firmly modern. Freshly split dry white wood and vanilla cookie dough creaminess. Clean cotton sheets, and baby milk powder. White wine chalkiness.

Taste Palate: Yup. Quite a kick, quite a bit of sweet vanilla cream, some sweet riesling. A big handful of oat biscuits, and a thin vacant fruitiness.

Finish Finish: Actually rather long. But all on woody creamy dry malt.


Admirable though feels a little naked. This is pared-back Glenmorangie.

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So much whisky, so little time | Singapore | Tasting Notes

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