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PSA mode: The ExciseMan Whisky Bar & Whisky.Auction charity auction: amazing 1 of 1 bottles

It’s a public service announcement here at Whiskyrific, 2 great announcements:

The ExciseMan Whisky Bar, located at the Esplanade Mall #02-27.

Lewis and Patricia, proprietors of Le Vigne, a long established wine and whisky importer and retailer have dipped their toes in to the bar business, but they slipped and instead have done a massive full frontal splash. Absolutely dive board worthy. Their new bar, The ExciseMan is magnificent: The epitome of sophistication and class. Leather, marble, brass, and good whisky served by a salt and pepper barman. I was absolutely taken by the evident care taken in every little detail, but better than all that is this – they know how to treat people right.




Whisky.auction charity auction with amazing batch of 1 of 1 bottles donated by all the big players in the Whisky and Rum industry

I wouldn’t normally post about auctions and what’s up for grabs, this being a non-commercial, non-aligned, anti-influencer tasting blog and all. But here’s a good cause: whisky.auction, the UK online whisky auction site is holding a charity auction, with all proceeds going to Plastic Oceans, a charity dedicated to raising awareness on the danger and long term consequences that plastic is having on our oceans.

I love the ocean and so should you, not only because of its beauty and majesty but because without healthy oceans we kick out one of the legs that is the chair of our already-degrading environment. Please consider visiting the site and spend a minute thinking about saving the world we leave our children and our children’s children.

The bottles available speak for themselves. Every big player in the industry has dragged out the very best from their remaining stock, most 1 of 1 no less: Karuizawa 50 years, 1 of 2 bottles. Port Ellen 38 years, 1 of 1. Macallan 50 years. Ardbeg 37 years 1 of 1. Bowmore 43 years 1 of 1. Glenlivet 1948.  Is there a better expression of collective will and recognition that Oceans matter?

So check it out, signing up is easy, shipping is easy. Saving the oceans is not, and we’re not about to turn into seagoing vigilantes, but if you can, why not throw some money at it and get a very special bottle in return. Auction is live 18 November.


So here –

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So much whisky, so little time | Singapore | Tasting Notes


So much whisky, so little time | Singapore | Tasting Notes

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So much whisky, so little time | Singapore | Tasting Notes

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